Documentary Films

The Groove Productions produces locally inspired and international films that celebrate unsung heroes, visionary artists, and stories that inspire and empower.  Our projects are often born out of relationships and conversations with friends and neighbors,  sometimes out of serendipitous encounters. Filmmaker Kenny Dalsheimer brings a love of collaboration and exploration to his film projects as well as his talents as director, cinematographer, and editor.

You Gave Me a Song: The Life and Music of Alice Gerrard

An intimate portrait of legendary musician and songwriter Alice Gerrard.

2019 | HD | English

Peace in Our Pockets

The story of Kenyans harnessing the power of people and technology to build peace in their communities.

2015 | 55 minutes | HD 16x9 | English/Swahili

Bending Sticks: The Sculpture of Patrick Doughtery

A celebration of Patrick Dougherty’s majestic art and an exploration of how childhood fascinations feed the soul of this amazingly prolific and insightful artist.

2012 | 54 minutes | 16x9 | English | HD | Color

A Weaverly Path

An intimate portrait of Swiss-born tapestry weaver Silvia Heyden and a year of weaving inspired by the Eno river in Durham, NC.

2010 | 62 minutes | 16x9 | English | HD | Color

A New Kind of Listening

The story of a visionary director, a one-of-a-kind theater group, and a young man who could not speak, yet found the voice he had been looking for all his life.

2009 | 57 minutes | 4x3 | English | Color

Bending Space: Georges Rousse and the Durham Project

Captures the genius of French photographer and installation artist Georges Rousse during a 2006 public art project in Durham fueled by over 200 volunteers.

2007 | 58 minutes | 16x9 | English | HD | color

Choices and Change

A gripping portrait of the challenges faced by students and staff at a juvenile justice program in Durham, North Carolina.

2004 | 39 minutes | 4x3 | English | Color

Shine On: Richard Trice and the Bull City Blues

An intimate portrait of 82-year-old Richard Trice – one of the last survivors of the heyday of the blues in Durham, North Carolina in the 1930’s

2000 | 49 minutes | 4x3 | English | Color

Walking Miracles

A video adaptation of a dance/theater work based on stories told by six survivors of child sexual abuse.

1999 | 45 minutes | 4x3 | English | Color

Go Fast, Turn Left: Voices from Orange County Speedway

Journeys to the grassroots of stock car racing where drivers, their family members, and track officials share insights into the challenges and rewards of competing in the minor leagues of racing.

1997 | 48 minutes | 4x3 | English | Color